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valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me


a butterfly shed his sweat on my eyelid
has found the wrong flower
I was educated to concern just the future
breaking my neck for him, so I lost sight the errors,
roots and essences
I now live an antiseptic and dull today
Tomorrow I will go traveling toward Yesterday, is waiting for me too the Present


una farfalla si scuote il suo sudore sulla mia palpebra
ha capitato sul fiore sbagliato
istruito di guardare soltanto in futuro
di rompermi il collo per lui, ho perso di vista errori,
radici ed essenze
mi sta vivendo un oggi antisettico, opaco
Domani andrò in viaggio verso Ieri, mi sta troppo aspettando lì il Presente


un fluture își scutură sudoarea pe pleoapa mea
a nimerit floarea greșită
școlit să privesc doar viitorul
să-mi rup gâtul pentru el, am pierdut…

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Change of hour – Cambio di ora – schimb de oră

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, translation by Mihaela Jahn, Italian and Romanian by me


Even the hour is changing
Maybe it’s switching places with the second hand, at least that’s the rumor I heard…
The cuckoos will fly away from grandfather clocks, the roosters will immigrate to the top of sky-scrapers
We won’t be able to find the hour in the clock, God knows where it’s going to move
Even the sounds will change
They won’t pour onto the world from clocks
We’ll prefer the mp3 tolling of bells, or set on vibrate
Reduced to a common denominator, not sufficiently common..
Even the colors will change from one into another insoluble
Tiny flash spots, as warts only in mirrors, not on faces
And the eyes will turn inside into the profound
Even any, even a.. will pass in the superlative on the opposite sense
In us growing to…

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România a fost vândută – vânzătorii nu doar nepedepsiți, ci răsplătiți de către popor cu onoruri…

vizionați și înțelegeți
dacă poporul nu va ieși în stradă cu un număr de cel puțin 10 milioane de manifestanți
și dacă nu vor fi pedepsiți toți politicienii de după 89 și până în prezent,
dacă nu se instaurează urgent o reală democrație,
ROMÂNIA va fi ștearsă de pe hartă

Real life stories – storie di vita – întâmplări din viața reală

valeriu dg barbu

quadrilingual post, translations by me,


The incident occurred in the Indian state of Punjab. Two puppies fell into a well . Their mother ran near the well… and barked constantly, and this has attracted the attention of the owner who has looked into it and was very surprised – after all it was the king cobra, and did not represent any threat to the pups .
In addition, reptile, to care for the puppies, they are not permitted to pass to the other side , where they could drown , the well was full of water there . Animals spent together … the bottom of the well, for almost 48 hours. When help finally arrived by the forest department , cobra crawled to the other end of the shaft. The puppies were not injured and are now well, reptile immediately was taken to the woods and released. Even the most…

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backup – copia di riserva – copia de rezervă

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, translations by me


digital dials show every second … apocalyptic
apocalypse eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two … one
start broadcasting … On Air
a chorus behind the scenes sing the hymn to the decadence
chemical triumph of the unicellular in uprising
between alpha and omega, she was in second place, only meant to…
reflected in the mirrors apparent
the universe belongs to unicellular
in the foreground, the spokesman of the mirror holder, announces
tomorrow it increases the prices of sounds, the rays will be taxed variable
by applause,
North wind, the only spectator, nostalgic for the days when it was just a breeze
instantly felt his hands paralyzed
Advertising: The unicellular being has postponed the apocalypse minus one
calls for abolition of the mirror, the pluricellular to look only in the eyes
bonus, a dial without virusi and another time scale more flat

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Pinocchio was a girl – Pinocchio era una ragazza – Pinocchio era fată

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, translations by me


under his yellow wig of old Geppetto, it hides
Collodi’s stepdaughter, his hands has created a… secret
Pinocchio had a soul of girl, of anonymous fairy…
When visited me the first time,
in the childhood room with window toward the sawmill
Pinocchio was a boy like me
but, I loved to Mimi, the girl next door
and I wanted her to come she… with the same joy that
seems that just he had …
to the celebration of the end of the year, I caught the Mimi
with Pinocchio on stage, playing in a theater…
and then, my room was rotated with the window toward the Danube …
other tales without Mimi and, soon, without childhood …
Yesterday, I was watching a ghost among the chestnut trees of an age with me,
a woman with a veil, stray in time, she, walked away……

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come on, detach yourself – dai, staccati – hai, desprinde-te

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, translations by me


the love is not a mark of damp, the hope is not just a mould.
brothers, we are alive, action, the viewer of service you can be when
you will not have expected anything, now get out
from things, from you, from the patterns and norms of normal imposed
you want the wort of life, squeeze you the moment
want the success, get up, remember that walking is a skill
I may be wrong, namely, to keep you tied to things, you can fly, you can…
and if all you want it always happens to others, you will reach the spiral
be thou the segment through love and the facts, you fly… come


l’amore non è un marchio di umidità, la speranza non è solo una muffa.
siamo vivi fratelli, azione, il spettatore di servizio puoi esserlo
solo quando ormai non avrai…

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