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Just a new World War

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

half-evangelists, half-priests, bearers of leaflets in mailboxes
half-judges, the cleaners of cesspools and porters, brokers, traveling salesmen, whores,
false singers and non-poets, miserable speculators,
mushroomed a tinkling bustle in the bladder of this city
in the lungs of the slums, into my bones scratched as the trees
with the skew passing of the years
just a new World War could purify this breed, by burning
then, from the ashes it could make an another Prometheus
which would set fire to the gods of plastic, of silicon and cardboard

Soltanto una guerra mondiale
Semi-evangelizzatori, mezzo-preti, portatori di volantini nelle cassette postali
semi-giudici, pulitori di fosse biologiche e facchini, brokeri, commessi viaggiatori, puttane,
falsi cantanti e non-poeti miseri speculatori,
in un tintinnante via vai nella vescica di questa città
nei polmoni delle baraccopoli, nelle mie ossa graffiati come gli alberi
con passare di lato dagli…

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radio vocativ


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– ora 11:00 – vom servi ,,cafeaua de dimineaţă,, împreună cu Mirela Godina care ne va oferi o emisiune de muzică şi divertisment, vom afla ce spun astrele pentru prima zi a săptămânii.

– ora 22:00 – ,,Punctul pe i”, o emisiune despre AUTISM. Psihopedagog Monica Berceanu...

– ora 23.00 – Andrei Rares Adam cu “Rock… sau cum sa vorbim despre noi”


– ora 14.00 – ,,Cine a scris cartea?” emisiune realizată de Teodora Anghel 

– ora 20.00 – Anca Potinteu cu… surprizeeee...„Povești pentru oameni mari” 

– ora 22:00 – ,,dacă e marți, sunt io!!!,, cu Gabriel Gherbaluta


– ora 19:00 – ,,Vieţi între coperte’’, o emisiune care îşi propune să promoveze proza contemporană românească. Realizator Claudia Minela.

– ora 21:00 – ,,Gramofonul din Cugiria’’,

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Hostile white

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

When you feel that you no longer find the your place
Your body keeps you in a trap and you know that you can fly…
A “where” is calling you, although not to unravels
Your mission was wasted on trifles.
Change the step, something should snatched, even with pain,
Forget the white dial and cast you into the sea of people-template
Somewhere someone is waiting for you to be her sacrifice, to you love him

a2Bianco ostile 
Quando senti che non ti trovi più al posto tuo
Il tuo corpo ti tiene in una trappola e sai che potresti volare…
Uno ”dove” ti sta chiamando, anche se non si svela…
La tua missione è stata sprecata su le inezie.
Cambia il passo, qualcosa si chiede strappato, anche con dolore,
Scorda il quadrante bianco e gettati nel mare di gente-sagoma
Da qualche parte qualcuno…

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Waiting for the rain – Aspettando la pioggia – Așteptând ploaia (a true story – una storia vera)

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, badtranslations by me


In early spring I was looking for a job. I headed to an interview for a possible job on viaTuscolana in Rome and, of course, I dressed appropriately, and did not seem that I was poor, without a penny in his pockets.
In the street, a young african sang a ballad and was trying to sell small artisan objects. Arrived near me, he stopped me, jovial, to offer me a strange statue. I told her that I do not have a penny, trying to be at least listless, if I was not capable of a broad smile as his.
He grabbed my hand and told me not to worry about money, because money is like clouds bring rain or slip promptly to rain elsewhere … and gave me a small wooden elephant. He said he will bring good luck. He went on the chimney…

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precarious commas – virgole precari – virgule precare

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, bad translation by me


Motto:you count the freshmen in the autumn – said the fox …
everything tends towards miniaturization
even though the universe … states that it is expanding, we wander in the same spiral
the ends of which are more numerous and all converge at a point
The point, then, is the model to which we aspire
And, comes the doubt as a courage crazy anarchist who
transforms us into commas
the ends mimic the spiral – the will… straying
we become impetuous crayfish …
in the lives of some there is only one autumn, the last
for others, every day is a season
and slowly we all go to curl up on the same point
nobody reproaches us for doubts, sins, years
only the indifference
the lost loves, and the courage to be cowardly daily


Motto:nell’autunno si conta le…

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the story of stuff

Bookmark – Segnalibro – Semn de carte

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, bad translations by me


I live in the freedom of iron, glass and reinforced concrete
between sounds bizarre and colors diluted or mixed chaotic .
The World lives in the imaginary, and no matter
if my eyes are open or not, it is here, in the skull
with the same coordinates of the Earth … – Do not know
to longitude and latitude that there is still a woman, loved
I with precisely cosmic revolve around the Sun from plexus –
so, I have learned the measure of time, especially the …without it
I’m reading every day hundreds of pages, a way to populate my mazes
to refreshes fears, reformulating and multiplying questions …confusions
In this position of longing, or prayer, through the open window,
from a different world
came here a yellow leaf,
like a hand that caressing the distances,
went quietly between tabs, in…

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