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not paint the hair – non verniciare i capelli – nu te vopsi

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

not give the garbage under the rug
do you sweep with a broom as a Jewish merchant, of the back door towards into the house
for the gain, do you think…
measured the pressure more often, obtain the analysis, run or walk
dressed in bright colors, clear
but not paint the hair
forget those old jokes, and be happy
let this damn mirror, shave you in semi-darkness
and tell him, happy birthday, every morning
if you forgot your wedding day, but do not ask her,
and if he imitates the orgasm, you will be satisfied even so, you just write
alleged poems
inflate your aura
with the bicycle pump
goes to church on Sundays, it is good for the image
and do not give damn garbage under the carpet


non dare la spazzatura sotto il tappeto
fai spazzare con la scopa come un…

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I drink me – Mi bevo – Mă beau

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

you drink; you drink secretly, phosphorescent waters and synthetical tobacco
you drink holograms of arched nipples
you drink subliminal radical powerlessness of an era precarious
fed up, you get to make a small revolution, the cat’s tail is longer than the cat
you write secretly novels for the Death, there singing lingered, like any drunk and
insults, insults, insults by mother the mother of earth
outside, somewhere, men go with your head too uncovered…


Bevi, bevi di nascosto le acque fosforescente e tabacco sintetico
Bevi ologrammi di capezzoli arcuati
Bevi subliminale le impotenze radicali di un’epoca precaria
Stufo, ti metti a fare una piccola rivoluzione, la coda del gatto è più lunga del gatto
Di nascosto scrivi romanzi per la Morte, le stai cantando indugiato, come qualsiasi ubriacone e
insulti, insulti, insulti di madre la madre terra
al di fuori, da qualche parte…

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