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Crushes me – Mi schiaccia – Mă strivește

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

you kiss me as if I were dead
with a tear hidden under the eyelid
and not for me
kneaded in hands a scarf imaginary … and would like you
to shake it, in some way, imminent, in a the definitive station
you give me everything
and, in fact, nothing
even if we are together and we walk in the same direction
our shadows go against
one quiet, another rebel, twisted
neither you nor want to see what are in your inside
how many eyes of men are skewered as in an Insectariums’
and also my
you never want to evoke (not even for you) the last bed
nor with who is happened
break the scarf with hands glassy, sharp,
you be able to build the station a secure one, if necessary
I guess you never smile
you do not believe in angels
thy gods you are rented…

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The thrill of sin – Il brivido del peccato – Fiorul păcatului

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

the alleged love we resets the gestures,
the magic of life would be broken without illusions –
we live an authentic delirium extravagant…
somewhere an alarm goes off slowly, now it’s quiet,
the vacuum increases until I feel
and begins:
a kind of guilt tries to germinate –
but it crushes spontaneously
the sigh is too hot tonight
a real icicle and an icicle of fire, climb into spiral together on the nape –
the thrill of sin breaks out from the magic, and once defeated, keeps me here,
and everything’s the only on meaning of the sublime


photo by Rossetti G.

il presunto amore ci azzera i gesti,
la magia della vita si sarebbe spezzata senza le illusioni –
viviamo un autentico delirio stravagante …
da qualche parte un allarme si spegne lentamente, ora è silenzio,
il vuoto aumenta fin che mi sento
e comincia:

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