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bluish-white / bianco-azzurrognolo / alb-albastrui

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

Why do not you still kiss me?
I’m afraid of not consuming the love too fast.
But, so, is the only way for increase it…
Yes, grow, grow so big that we will remain small…
Oh, I think we will grow along with it, look, I can already reach your lips…
Polaris it cringe between clouds. Somewhere in the south, Mimosa bluish slipped
in the hands of a maiden lonely at the ocean shore


Perché non mi baci ancora?
Ho paura di non consumare l’amore troppo presto.
Ma, così, è l’unico modo per crescerla…
Sì, crescere, cresce così grande che noi ci rimarremo piccoli…
Oh, penso che ci cresceremo insieme con essa, guarda, posso raggiungere già le tue labbra…
Polaris si cringe tra le nuvole. Da qualche parte al sud, Mimosa bluastra scivolò
nelle mani di una fanciulla solitaria alla riva dell’oceano


De ce nu mă…

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Just one end – Solo un’estremità – Doar un singur capăt

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

Is too much death in the winter air? Asked the little boy…
It’s too much life hidden in underneath
in waiting for the sign to the ascension
more numerous deaths cannot be, because nothing
was born dead, so, the life always wins
Said Grandfather to his grandson of just four years…
How many ends have the things, Grandpa? You should know
you were born grandfather… and, I see it everywhere just curves and beginnings…
From the shell of silence, at a certain moment,
Grandpa went out to say: Just one end, the infinite has the end in
itself, so, every thing…
Grandpa, you were born grandfather, you should know, why
The winter looks like you?…
The old man stood up and … – Instead of the answer came the spring,
with mysteries and new miracles. The boy yet looked at the heights, there
of where a gentle smile…

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