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the hug – l’abbraccio – îmbrățișare

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

an insurrection of the syllables on a yellowed sheet
of expectations and fear
so they found a name for me
the refusal of submission to the feet of longing
the continuous escape from itself – doubt
so I’ve found a name
late, what he did not considered being… late
it fell on things a crisis of gestures
so I’ve mixed up the names
just later, defeated by syllables and meanings
the sheet hug me like a lost mother –
my name me write without inks


un’insurrezione delle sillabe su un foglio ingiallito
di attese e di paura
così mi hanno trovato il nome
rifiuto della sottomissione ai piedi della nostalgia
la fuga continua dal sé – dubbio
così mi ho trovato un nome
tardivo, il ché non si considerava tardivo,
cadde sulle cose una crisi di gesti
così mi ho mescolato il nome

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absurd – assurdo – absurd

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

There are moments when we realize that the big decisions are already taken
there is no tunnel in the fate of a fatalist – why do you think you will be one…
and that loneliness does not cure anything
you would like to get out of this life alive in some way, but you cannot, look,
everything I’ve consummated everything I love, walks away and push me naked
in the perspective the imminent step
I check the pockets, nothing
No words, no state of mind, does not define me
is lying to me so much the one that is in my body…
I have the feeling that everything I say and do, I have seen in a movie once
and then I was not with me
you pretend that you know me already,
that you can adapt me in fixed frames, being at your turn
pushed naked in…

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Instigation of poetry – Istigazione alla poesia – instigare la poezie

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

I’ve beaten all
those who passed, statues with yellow shoes vortices, in front of my house
I beat him with the ,,good day,, , with the flowers and a blank sheet of paper and a pencil –
a couple of days later there was no one, was a desert

to the post office from end of town, there is a row crazy, as for milk, some time ago
On the sidewalks extending a trail of paper
hundreds of complaints, gripes, indictments, and nor a poetry…
People write strange in these days, I tell myself, I collect pencils on the soles, as the tacks


Li ho picchiati a tutti
quelli che passavano, statue gialle con delle scarpe vortici, di fronte a casa mia
Le ho picchiato con degli ,,buon giorno,, , dei fiori e un foglio bianco e una matita –
un paio di giorni poi non passava nessuno…

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Loneliness – Solitudine – Însingurare

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

The forest it clings like a bar code
on the frozen glass of the window –
The price for …alienation
Some crows, drawn quickly, scares the Sun
In Rome it snows very rarely, but if it were happening right now
I would get out here, in the garden, fast, fast
and I will make a woman of snow – I being a hetero, why I would make a man?
Then, I will put the photos on internet, before appearing in some way, I do not know, a real woman…
and can no longer be the woman of snow, one viral on the internet…
The forest is approaching
the crows snowing, snow sprinkle black-matte, or is the night…
The only thing I have left is the iPhone
with a crumpled carol as a ringtone


La foresta si aggrappa come un codice a barre
sul vetro ghiacciato dalla finestra –

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