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Drop of hoar – Goccia di brina – Stropul de brumă

valeriu dg barbu

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I was already on the other side of the bridge
the lights of the city had remained tiny specks
the noise, wailing it is lost in the water and smoke
no is road without end, without a break,
we looking in backpack for a piece of bread, a drop of water
and we looked at in a vacuum in which
the memories become hoary, people and things are foreign
a wound-being grows in the womb, how many things we have not done…
to how many persons we not had the time to tell her we loved them …
we wasted so many gifts, just gathered, and remained there
the city lights are not seen, the bridge stretches painfully
the soul, disembodied, hang from a drop of hoar
we turn in the dust, the seeds of grass are waiting for us


stavo già dall’altra parte del ponte

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Why? – Perché? – De ce?

valeriu dg barbu

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All the answers they have the children
they keep them hidden unsuspected – the future always confirms…
and are the only ones who
are given on the lips with the red of questions, when
all the wise men are cue, cue because they know that nor a mystery
no find too best answer like in the beginning of the world…
We are no longer children when we forgot to round up the questions
or we try the answers elsewhere, away…
The poet’s mission is to excite the so beautiful ,,Why?,,
and to return at you the wonders and the baby that you’ve been


Tutte le risposte le hanno i bambini
le tengono insospettato nascosti – il futuro sempre le conferma…
e sono gli unici che
si danno sulle labbra col rosso delle domande quando
tutti i saggi tacciono, tacciono perché sanno che nessun mistero
non trova risposta…

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