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If you knew – Se voi conoscessi – Dacă ați ști

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

that beyond the smile, even sincere,
are humble all nerves of the facts and infatuations, and all that
it would seem for you my happiness…
that beyond of frown by forehead dies
all pulses of war
that beyond of my arms emerge thousands of other arms ready
to embrace you
so I wonder
What remains here of the poor myself?
if you knew, how much I love ye
would you attempt to humiliate me more as before?
through irony behind the scenes, jokes, full of kindness…
therefore, I chose to take this hump – do not laugh, it is
your need for love


photo by oleksandr shestakovych

che oltre il sorriso, anche sincero,
stanno umili tutti gli nervi dei fatti e le infatuazioni, e tutto quello che
sembrerebbe per voi la mia felicità…
che oltre il cipiglio della fronte muoiono
gli impulsi bellici
che oltre le mie braccia insorgono…

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my escape – il mio rifugio – scăparea mea

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text, English version by Mihaela Jahn

The moment passes like a whore
From one dial onto another, smiling a dry and inviting smile
Proud, her nose up in the air, as if the wind were hers
My stupidity grows like a snake fed on goats
And a thousand words come, barge in, demanding their right
To be written, their graphite share, thinning my bones
A neuron is chasing a she neuron, if only he knew that she was barren…
Dreams spread embers and second hand meteoric hopes
My escape, the wine, the thin sliver of reality comes in with the cold, through the cracked window
My escape, the bathtub, in which I move with all my books
I am scrubbing helplessness and futile meanings off of them, the shine of vain
And I am waiting to grow scales and a tail – If mermaids exist, mermen can too…

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butterflies ghosts – farfalle fantasmi – fluturi fantome

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

her cat, of my neighbor, comes every day in my garden
digging under the window, I call to me, she pretends that
is chasing imaginary butterflies
the conflict with my neighbor is older,
I chose poppies and I put them in the door her a cup of yogurt
she smiles at another neighbor
especially has something against my dog, Fin,
He is stealing the newspaper, she yells: go away bitch… and then raises
the music to the fullest, always the same song
the dog and the cat romp together in the garden, I read free the newspaper, the butterflies
between the dirty windows
I never had the courage to woo her directly,
I bought the CD with his favorite song
I raised the volume to maximum, but with four seconds behind her –
someone rings the doorbell, go to open, you wait here,
it may be the cat…

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winters parallel – inverni paralleli – ierni paralele

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

fields of mind are empty –
storehouses of paper… stuffed
a paste copper anoint driveway and sky
ooze, threatening the gray of ooze waving clothes
or at least pockets
I go to meet with snow and
I have specific stage fright by teen
when she was waiting for me out of school and I took care
for not seem that I watch other girls

the shoes reproaches me that I walking too fast
white leaf falls in my eyes; I passed in front of the high school
round the corner already snowed
hungry nostrils it dilate air penetrates basalt cubic
she it is still in the same location
believes in the horoscopes – I’ve converted my years in the paper
through the drifts and already annoyed that did not touch me any snowflake…
smoldering storehouses, Winter, I look only to you


i campi della mente…

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valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

a plastic capsule antiseptic
two fingers thick
and a vacuum machine for dreams
surgical gloves and goggles
should be all you need to keep your calm
in this world… switched on –
the thin cheek of the Earth
spends continuously saps and vapors
to hide better the switch locked at the ON –
His patience does not inspire anybody, even the faithful
murmured their prayers, fast, fast forward
and want to break the membrane of the sky with so little –
Immortality not is in afterlife, all happens here
at sight
and perhaps not the calm must be kept
but, pulled yarn and woven into new facts that the world has
so imperiously need


una capsula di plastica antisettica
spessa due dita
e una macchina sottovuoto per i sogni
i guanti chirurgici e occhiali di protezione
dovrebbe essere tutto il necessario per mantenere la calma
in questo mondo…

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lead – piombo – plumb

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

a new fear creeps as thin as a cold
then besieging the slice of heaven that
you with the claimed with the both nostrils
the incomprehensible does not bite, always overshadows most of the light
you can rub, blow in the hands, it is also possible to take the gloves, but
somewhere above it is getting colder and you not have a sort of umbrella
like for the heat waves or the rain…
perceptions are not tied to a muscle, could be became all learned from the sport
maybe it’s not fear, only curiosity
perhaps the salt block is not so great as to demolish
the factory of hopes
the steps slow down, cold slow descends, the fear is, yes, is she…
for that day without tomorrow without yesterday perhaps it is this …and
there are so many things left hanging… and wich
you alone
alone by you……

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the stranger – lo straniero – străinul

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

everything is going in front of me
orchestras and yards are waiting for me, liveliness is intact
back someone erasing the chalkboard with sponge of my shadow
all the memories belong to a foreigner
Earth, in every rotation, is rising
Now, here, there is only the intention, the step imminent
in drunkenness of wind, dust covers any alleged accomplishments
me consume expectations and asymmetries, giving me the illusion of the facts
all are in front of me almost perfect
the space is attenuate, is widespread, and no matter how fast I would run
I will not be there in the jumps, without suffering all births
and the pain of childbirth, the cries deaf …the impeccable expectations…
the stranger approaching will not dare to exceed me, he knows
in the front line of the war of wasted I’m only able to fight and
who will be able…

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