lottery – lotteria – loteria

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, bad translations by me


instead of numbers at the lotto will be letters
will be extracted four vowels and three consonants
when … will be succeed to get out a word and correspond
with that of played by you
will be the winner an a condition to words
instead of numbers at the lotto will be gestures
will be extracted seven pantomimes
when will be succeed to get out a jointly meaningful
player will win
the fact of fulfillment
today to lotto are playing …people instead of numbers
these latter are the winners
reducing the world to a insufficiently common denominator
and change it at the exchange house of the great vain
with the money, coins and notes,
this planet has become a wheel of luck, of hazard
hear, his rustle and rattle among the stars… –
hand which a spins is greedy and loves…

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