Bookmark – Segnalibro – Semn de carte

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, bad translations by me


I live in the freedom of iron, glass and reinforced concrete
between sounds bizarre and colors diluted or mixed chaotic .
The World lives in the imaginary, and no matter
if my eyes are open or not, it is here, in the skull
with the same coordinates of the Earth … – Do not know
to longitude and latitude that there is still a woman, loved
I with precisely cosmic revolve around the Sun from plexus –
so, I have learned the measure of time, especially the …without it
I’m reading every day hundreds of pages, a way to populate my mazes
to refreshes fears, reformulating and multiplying questions …confusions
In this position of longing, or prayer, through the open window,
from a different world
came here a yellow leaf,
like a hand that caressing the distances,
went quietly between tabs, in…

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