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come on, detach yourself – dai, staccati – hai, desprinde-te

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, translations by me


the love is not a mark of damp, the hope is not just a mould.
brothers, we are alive, action, the viewer of service you can be when
you will not have expected anything, now get out
from things, from you, from the patterns and norms of normal imposed
you want the wort of life, squeeze you the moment
want the success, get up, remember that walking is a skill
I may be wrong, namely, to keep you tied to things, you can fly, you can…
and if all you want it always happens to others, you will reach the spiral
be thou the segment through love and the facts, you fly… come


l’amore non è un marchio di umidità, la speranza non è solo una muffa.
siamo vivi fratelli, azione, il spettatore di servizio puoi esserlo
solo quando ormai non avrai…

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The Doubt – Il dubbio – Dubiul

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, the english translation by Mihaela Jahn


We measure our path in steps – not
In “where-to”s or heads
We measure our fears in contractions – not in the intention of the imminent…
So why is it that we powder our words ?
Let’s declare our love with our eyes, with our pores, with our digits
Or let’s tame the painful static with dignity like the living dead who we are
After all nothing has to be said, the doubt cuts our courage like mayonnaise


Misuriamo il nostro cammino a passi – no
In degli „dove” o nell’estremità,
Misuriamo le nostre paure in contrazioni – no, nell’intenzioni dell’imminente…
Allora perché diavolo diamo con trucco le nostre parole?
Diciamo l’amore con i nostri occhi, con i nostri pori, nostra dita
Oppure cerchiamo almeno di domare la dolorosa statica con dignità, come dei morti viventi che siamo
Dopo tutto…

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