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Ode to damn – Ode alla dannazione – Odă naibii

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post The English version by Mihaela Jahn


(from the cycle “Fresh Surfeits”)

We’re scraping the faces of timepieces as if they were lottery tickets
The winning number is hidden too deep, so we scrape deeper
We throw ourselves head first into the makeup pale
We greet ourselves in the mirror of the passer-by’s eyes
We touch, a gesture repeated obsessively,
Making sure that nobody picked our empty pocket
Or the hand that touches
The hands of the clocks pulls down our pants, skirts like an unsuspected and perverted wind
Naked in front of ourselves we hold in the scoop of our hands a translucent butterfly
With it we scrape our faces and shadows until it gets dark and cold
And even darker and colder
A song saves us, ode to damn, to the luxurious nothing or to sleep
Let’s throw the horologes into fire places, so as to…

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Not recommended to minors – Non consigliato ai minori – Nerecomandat minorilor

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, the English translation by Michaela Jahn


I am smoking your absences and while smoking I am absent to you
A vicious smoke circle in which the governments win
They say that smoking reduces male potency by 30 %
They say that car sales increased
They say that not only the men of letters but also those pretending to be that
are smoking life, the letter, without filter
Out of a whim, because it looks cool, I have a picture with a pipe
You didn’t realize that it’s out
Just like the letter
I am smoking underhand thin threads, the shadows cast by your dress
I am smoking 30 % less virginity in the eyes unleashed in towns
where women smoke with equalitarianism
A cancer saves governments, smokers themselves somehow, the world gives up
Cigarettes, pot, and the extensive drug dealing covered by governments and
Their secrete services

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