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valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me


a butterfly shed his sweat on my eyelid
has found the wrong flower
I was educated to concern just the future
breaking my neck for him, so I lost sight the errors,
roots and essences
I now live an antiseptic and dull today
Tomorrow I will go traveling toward Yesterday, is waiting for me too the Present


una farfalla si scuote il suo sudore sulla mia palpebra
ha capitato sul fiore sbagliato
istruito di guardare soltanto in futuro
di rompermi il collo per lui, ho perso di vista errori,
radici ed essenze
mi sta vivendo un oggi antisettico, opaco
Domani andrò in viaggio verso Ieri, mi sta troppo aspettando lì il Presente


un fluture își scutură sudoarea pe pleoapa mea
a nimerit floarea greșită
școlit să privesc doar viitorul
să-mi rup gâtul pentru el, am pierdut…

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Change of hour – Cambio di ora – schimb de oră

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, translation by Mihaela Jahn, Italian and Romanian by me


Even the hour is changing
Maybe it’s switching places with the second hand, at least that’s the rumor I heard…
The cuckoos will fly away from grandfather clocks, the roosters will immigrate to the top of sky-scrapers
We won’t be able to find the hour in the clock, God knows where it’s going to move
Even the sounds will change
They won’t pour onto the world from clocks
We’ll prefer the mp3 tolling of bells, or set on vibrate
Reduced to a common denominator, not sufficiently common..
Even the colors will change from one into another insoluble
Tiny flash spots, as warts only in mirrors, not on faces
And the eyes will turn inside into the profound
Even any, even a.. will pass in the superlative on the opposite sense
In us growing to…

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România a fost vândută – vânzătorii nu doar nepedepsiți, ci răsplătiți de către popor cu onoruri…

vizionați și înțelegeți
dacă poporul nu va ieși în stradă cu un număr de cel puțin 10 milioane de manifestanți
și dacă nu vor fi pedepsiți toți politicienii de după 89 și până în prezent,
dacă nu se instaurează urgent o reală democrație,
ROMÂNIA va fi ștearsă de pe hartă

Ereticon 1 – the story of the track of the seconds – la storia della traccia delle secondi – istoria dârei secundelor

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian language


only in the last five thousand years
as if it was …
an instant
have been written countless words, the same,
you have passed through life like a bolt of lightning … the geniuses that have brought the world so far
tens of thousands, millions … of philosophers, poets, architects, prophets,
some killed, others more killed … from oblivion
visionaries … of their dreams has built the world
beliefs, dogmas, laws
vices … vices are still intact… forever
humanity has paid thousandfold for every millisecond with the blood and tears
You come to tell me that love will save the world?…
Where are the big perfect lovers of all time?…
Shakespeare walks on stage his own skull
stars walk up there with my soles
there is no hope
are promises of worlds beyond, always beyond … but here…

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lottery – lotteria – loteria

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, bad translations by me


instead of numbers at the lotto will be letters
will be extracted four vowels and three consonants
when … will be succeed to get out a word and correspond
with that of played by you
will be the winner an a condition to words
instead of numbers at the lotto will be gestures
will be extracted seven pantomimes
when will be succeed to get out a jointly meaningful
player will win
the fact of fulfillment
today to lotto are playing …people instead of numbers
these latter are the winners
reducing the world to a insufficiently common denominator
and change it at the exchange house of the great vain
with the money, coins and notes,
this planet has become a wheel of luck, of hazard
hear, his rustle and rattle among the stars… –
hand which a spins is greedy and loves…

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Waiting for the rain – Aspettando la pioggia – Așteptând ploaia (a true story – una storia vera)

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, badtranslations by me


In early spring I was looking for a job. I headed to an interview for a possible job on viaTuscolana in Rome and, of course, I dressed appropriately, and did not seem that I was poor, without a penny in his pockets.
In the street, a young african sang a ballad and was trying to sell small artisan objects. Arrived near me, he stopped me, jovial, to offer me a strange statue. I told her that I do not have a penny, trying to be at least listless, if I was not capable of a broad smile as his.
He grabbed my hand and told me not to worry about money, because money is like clouds bring rain or slip promptly to rain elsewhere … and gave me a small wooden elephant. He said he will bring good luck. He went on the chimney…

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precarious commas – virgole precari – virgule precare

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, bad translation by me


Motto:you count the freshmen in the autumn – said the fox …
everything tends towards miniaturization
even though the universe … states that it is expanding, we wander in the same spiral
the ends of which are more numerous and all converge at a point
The point, then, is the model to which we aspire
And, comes the doubt as a courage crazy anarchist who
transforms us into commas
the ends mimic the spiral – the will… straying
we become impetuous crayfish …
in the lives of some there is only one autumn, the last
for others, every day is a season
and slowly we all go to curl up on the same point
nobody reproaches us for doubts, sins, years
only the indifference
the lost loves, and the courage to be cowardly daily


Motto:nell’autunno si conta le…

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