A Century without poetry – 2/ Un Secolo senza poesia – Secol fără poezie

valeriu dg barbu

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The writer or reader, each one of them may find himself or not in tune with traditional moral values. Both of them might be a partisan of a literary current so called homologated, one through his work, the other through his reading preferences. The diseases of the society: hypocrisy, self-importance, the cult for celebrity, self-seeking, betrayal, self-righteousness, vanity and the vulgarity replacing the popular style, the moral crisis in a word, is always reflected in art. For over a decade now, we’ve been faced with an industrial literature. The need to have as many readers as possible, forces the writer to get down to the street, borrowing its language… Avoiding the infiltration of commonly used daily language into poetry is a goal few of the contemporary writers follow (I have the intention, I just don’t act on it). Epicising the nowadays lyricism risks (be it through the need…

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